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Intergroup level

Echo chamber

“Everyone seems to agree with me, so I must be right.”

Essentialism bias

"I believe that social groups have a distinct and unchanging essence."

Fundamental attribution error

“I explain the actions of a person through their personal characteristics while underestimating the influence of the situation.”

Halo effect

“I use a first impression to draw a ‘bigger picture’ conclusion.”

Illusory correlation

“I am convinced there is a link between two events I have witnessed, but they are not related.”

In-group bias

"My group is better than yours."

Just-world hypothesis

“You reap what you sow.”

Reification bias

“The sole act of naming something makes me believe it exists.”

Self-fulfilling prophecy

“What I predict comes true.”

Social desirability bias

"To look good to these people, I'm going to say what they want to hear instead of what I really think."

Stereotypes and prejudices

“Women are gentle and motherly, so it's normal for them to stay home to take care of the children.”

Zero-sum bias

“I feel in competition with certain people and I think that any gain for them inevitably entails a loss for me.”

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