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Individual level

Automation bias

"When making a decision, I have too much confidence in machines, and tend to neglect my own judgement."

Barnum effect

“I see myself described accurately in vague and generic descriptions of personality."

Base rate neglect fallacy

“I misjudge the probability of an event by ignoring important background information.”

Belief bias

“If it corresponds to my knowledge and beliefs, it must be true.”

Choice supportive bias

“I exaggerate the benefits of an option after choosing it.”

Confirmation bias

“When I research a topic, I favour information that supports my hypothesis and ignore information that contradicts it.”

Conjunction fallacy

“I judge it to be more probable that two events will occur together than that one of them will occur alone.”

Dunning-Kruger effect

"The less I am qualified, the more I overestimate my competence. The more I am qualified, the more I underestimate my competence."

Echo chamber

“Everyone seems to agree with me, so I must be right.”

Effort justification bias

“I evaluate an outcome relative to the amount of effort it took to achieve it.”

Escalation of commitment bias

“I keep going in the wrong direction despite increasingly negative results.”

Fixation bias

"When I must find a solution to a problem, I become fixated on the first idea or perspective that comes to mind, to the detriment of other possibilities."

Fundamental attribution error

“I explain the actions of a person through their personal characteristics while underestimating the influence of the situation.”

Gambler's fallacy

"When I go to the casino, I choose machines that haven't won in a long time since they are due to win."

Halo effect

“I use a first impression to draw a ‘bigger picture’ conclusion.”

Hindsight bias

“I knew it was going to happen all along. "

Illusion of control

"It is not luck, I did it."

Illusion of knowledge

"I am under the impression that I know and understand more than what I really know and understand."

Illusory correlation

“I am convinced there is a link between two events I have witnessed, but they are not related.”

Impact bias

"When we think about how we will react to possible future events, we tend to overestimate both the intensity and duration of our emotions."

Just-world hypothesis

“You reap what you sow.”

Moral self-licensing

"After doing a good deed, I can afford a socially undesirable deed."

Near bias effect

"We care less about future experiences than we do about near ones. "

Negativity bias

"When I have to assess a situation, negative events weigh more in the balance than positive events."

Optimism bias

"It won't happen to me; it only happens to others."

Plant awareness disparity

"I don’t notice plants in my environment, and I don’t recognize their importance. I think they are inferior to animals."

Reification bias

“The sole act of naming something makes me believe it exists.”

Repetition effect

"I judge repeated information as being more likely to be true than new information."

Self-fulfilling prophecy

“What I predict comes true.”

Self-serving bias

"If I succeed, it is my doing, but if I fail, it is not my fault."


“I am more likely to repeat actions when I succeed, I am more likely to change actions when I fail.”

Zeigarnik effect

"I remember interrupted or ongoing tasks and problems more easily than I remember ones that are completed or solved."

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